The Farm II

This trip to Hobby Knoll was a bit briefer, since Andrea and Phil had to get down to Wareham – where I used to work for a paper; go figure, heh – and were in a bit of a rush. Still, they were hospitable and kind as always. Andrea even showed me some of her treasured knee-high socks!

Before Andrea got home from the feed store, though, I poked around a bit. The horses were curious, and everyone else thought I must have been there to feed them, because they were quite loud, when I approached. 

I decided to use my 14mm lens for everything, and showcase some of the landscape of the place. I have really come to love wide-angle photos, lately. I seem to go through these phases where I favour a particular lens over my other ones. Right now, it’s my 16-35. Before, it was my nifty 50, but I don’t think I have pulled that one out for several months.

In any case, I digress. Enjoy the photos!

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