The Farm

Last weekend, I was fortunate enough to run into Andrea, from HKS Clydesdales in Duxbury, during a winter holiday stroll assignment for a local paper. I’d been searching for a farm to photograph, for a competition, and Andrea was kind enough to let me poke around the place with her, while she did chores.

To be honest, I only really like a few photos in this set, mainly because of how the tricky lighting situations appear in post. But that’s okay – I’m going to go back Wednesday, to make more photos. I’ll likely concentrate more on the actual landscape of the farm itself, rather than so closely following the people.

Oh, also – what you see at the end is a visit from the vet, for Lexi’s pet cow. The cow’s eye had to be surgically removed, due to a cancerous mass in and around it, earlier in the year. Unfortunately, it seems the cancer is still present, and may have made its way into the bone.

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