Tallinn, Estonia

I can’t believe it’s been more than a month since I last updated this blog! And I have a positive plethora of images to share, which makes it all the more inexcusable.

Today’s post takes us to Tallinn, Estonia. The first time I heard of Estonia was in a comic book – Archie Comics*, actually. I vaguely remember Archie Andrews lying to Ms. Grundy about why his father was unable to sign his abominable report card (or something). Our favourite redheaded chap said his parental unit was in Estonia. At the time, I sincerely thought he had made up the country (this was before the Internet was accessible without dial-up; and yes, I just dated myself, but, like a fine wine, I just get better with age ✌️).

In any case, the place I saw in my head was cold and dark and covered in snow. It was remote and desolate. But that isn’t the place I went. Yes, it certainly was raining, but the country has clawed its way out of post-Soviet control and poverty with vigour. While the portion of the city I saw was primarily the tourist-y area, there was more beyond. Even more surprising? There were two dedicated vegan places in the area. I tried the grub at Vegan Inspiratsioon, and while the salad was superb, I must confess my favourite thing there was the kirju koer, a traditional Estonian jam cake. I basically wanted to take the entire cake with me, but I somehow managed to resist. Ugggghhhh. It was. So good.

I don’t have any photos of the cake (mainly because I ate it, without stopping; sorry not sorry), but I do have photos of the rest of the town. One caveat: it was raining, and, because I am supremely intelligent, I completely forgot to bring an umbrella. Thus, most of my time was spent trying to keep my camera safe, which made for fewer photos than usual. Enjoy!

*Don’t talk to me about Riverdale, or what happened to Archie, in the comics. My aged heart really can’t take it. K thx bai

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