St. Petersburg, Russia – Day One

It’s a bit of an emotionally low day, but I like to try to stay productive, regardless (better than burying myself in Downton Abbey, right?). After posting on Facebook about a confusing professional situation, I suddenly realised I hadn’t posted any new photos in a while. So, without further ado: here’s what I saw on our first day in St. Petersburg, Russia.

While the whole of St. Petersburg was interesting, it was very clearly separated into the tourist areas, and the areas where Russians actually lived. (I will admit I didn’t venture out alone into the residential areas, for safety reasons.)

Yes, there are ceilings and museums in here, but I also tried to capture glimpses of daily life in St. Petersburg – the life behind the curtain, if you will. Whether or not you think I succeeded, I hope you enjoy what I chose from the first day.

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