Happy Holi!

This is a beautiful celebration, but do you know what it is? And, no, it is NOT a colour run (or even associated with it).

Here’s a quick primer:

Holi is the Hindu festival of colours that celebrates the arrival of Spring. Some participants traditionally dress in white, to be covered in coloured powder and water (but that obviously isn’t a steadfast rule). While the festival has religious associations, and has to do with the god Krishna, in general, and the endless love between Krishna and Radha, the secular associations are those of frivolity, fun, and the welcoming of the new season.

These photos were made at Braj Mandir’s Holi celebration in Holbrook, Massachusetts. I have never seen so many happy faces in one place, and it was wonderful.

Happy Holi!

(All content and photos © Carolyn Bick 2017)

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